Friday, March 26, 2021, 17:51
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Richard Entz wrote:
Friday, April 23, 2021, 20:35
I drive past Miracle Valley Bible College every weekday on my way to work in Douglas. AZ. This massive complex lies deserted and decomposed next to the Interstate 92 and I have often wondered about what actually happened there going back to the 1950's when as many as 5,000 people would gather in Miracle Valley during the summers. How can such a large Bible College and church have been abandoned in such a manner? There must be hundreds of stories of human tragedies associated with this massive complex. I am currently studying the history of this massive complex and I am determined to find out exactly what occurred there. This would be the perfect script for a Hollywood movie. How almost (700) Bible College students living in cramped dormitories, with bunk beds one on top of the other lived in a sexually-repressed environment for such a long period of time in the name of God. I don't yet even know all of the details that took place there, but I can tell from the decomposing dormitories, classrooms and church that something went terribly wrong with this "experiment in Pentecostal Christianity".
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